The Zambia Film

Zambia : The Film from Sadie on Vimeo.

Zambia Trailer

The trailer from the upcoming film from our time in Zambia, Africa.  June 2013 Zambia Trailer from Sadie on Vimeo.

'Someone Worth Dying For' Video

A composition from my travels around the world including places such as:  Togo and Ghana in West Africa, Dubai, Guatemala, Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico, and other areas around the United States. I believe every person is created unique and beautiful.    We all have different stories.  What is your story? Someone Worth Dying For video from Sadie on Vimeo.

 'Togo Overview' Film

Documentary film of our time in Togo, West Africa March-May of 2012 Togo Outreach Overview film from Sadie on Vimeo.

West Africa: Voice for the Voiceless Media DTS Outreach 2012 Video

Voice for the Voiceless Media DTS Outreach to West Africa V4V - West Africa Outreach video from Sadie on Vimeo.  

Mexico and Central America Team Outreach Promo 2010 Film

Did I mention this was a ROADTRIP through Mexico and Central America?  

Mexico and Central America Team Brief Overview Video

How do you sum up an almost 3 month outreach ROAD TRIP through Mexico and Central America in a 15 passenger van?  Here is my attempt to show you a little of what happened during the trip.    

Central America Team Panama Update Video

Here is an update of our road trip outreach team in Panama!  We visited an indigenous tribe in the mountains of Panama...the drive up there was not the safest...  

CBC Mexico Trip 2010 Film

I documented the weekend trip Camelback Bible Church made down to Mexico.  

This is taking it back many years, but I thought I would share a little documentary video from our time in Rwanda...back in 2009

Documentary Films and Videos by Sadie Such Photography & Films

Sadie has made numerous trips around the world to capture the needs and lives of the people who live there. To request an estimate to shoot a documentary film or video for your non-profit, NGO, or missions organization, contact Sadie Such Photography & Films.