Take A Minute To Explore!

I was sitting at my computer working, thinking about being outside in the beautiful weather, but feeling too overwhelmed to even think about letting myself take the time... As an entrepreneur, the work-life balance can be a challenge.  Sometimes the to do list can be overwhelming, if you don't do it no one else will, and if its not planned, it won't happen...but I decided to take an hour to go explore outside.

It was the best decision.

As I was hiking the mountain, taking in the beauty, I thought about the women in different jobs, from those tied to a 9-5 to  full time moms with children!  Taking times for themselves can seem impossible, let alone thinking about going out to explore.

As I looked at the mountains, with the city lights all around, I was thankful for the little bit of peace, in the midst of the chaos. I wasn't able to travel to the mountains of Colorado for a multiple day backpacking trip, or paddle board along the coast of California.  But I did get outside, and took time to hike around, breathe, and have my own little adventure.  As I headed back home, I was so much more full and ready to take on the rest of the day!


When you are feeling overwhelmed, with no time to plan a big trip away, where can you go nearby you?

Plan time to 'explore' near you!  And even if it isn't as cool as the places you see on Women Who Explore  yet 🙂 ... grab a friend and take time to get outside, put your phone down and explore!


Highlights of 2016 from The Resolute Road on Vimeo.