Birthdays! They are always a great time to reflect on life and last week I celebrated one.  I know its normal to do this around the New Year, but it is the marker for a new year for here it goes 🙂


Life looks a bit different then I'd ever expect. The older I get the more I realize how much less control I have and feeling more comfortable with the uncertainty of life.  This year was one of challenging myself to face my fears and take some steps of faith, into the unknown and embracing the discomfort, and seeing some fun things happen!


Honestly, before writing these things down, I was kinda feeling disappointed in myself for not doing enough or reaching all of my goals this year. But writing it down and remembering, being grateful, really puts things into perspective.


I did the Whole30 and loved it. My super disciplined sister did it with me, and was so helpful to have someone to send pictures of the delicious, sugary food people were eating around us, and the food (that was still good!) that we had prepared.  We all need some support sometimes 🙂  Anyone wanting to try the Whole30 again with me?


We launched and reached our first crowdfunding campaign for our Documentary with The Resolute Road - The Resolute Road Crowdfunding

I went to Medford, OR for a month with Teya to work with The Resolute Road.  We stayed with Lu and Shantell - they opened their home to two strangers (we had mutual friends), who became great friends - these ladies are amazing and if you want some inspiration, check out what they are doing with Camp17

Met amazing people with photo shoots , wedding films, and weddings, met my new niece and nephew, saw my nephews soccer + baseball games, bought a paddleboard! (long-time bucket list item). My dog learned to swim (a real miracle) My cousin graduated from high school, tried out Crossfit, attended the Global Leadership Summit

Met some more amazing people with The Resolute Road - such as Jeremy Cowart.  Dale Partridge. Laura Doyle. Fight The New Drug. and so many others!

Laughed, cried, danced, made mistakes, had successes, hiked difficult mountains,  captured life in its simplest form...heard real stories, connected with real people... it's really the simple things like that I love.  With my work, it's not just a beautifully styled wedding or portrait, it's the story behind it that I love.

The humanness. The beauty in the broken.


Put too many miles on my car, I'd rather not count, traveling to over 9 states and different cities, for weddings, engagements, interviews…


A few of my reminders,


 Everyone has a story and their story matters…yes, yours does too.


Comparison.  It is the thief of joy.


It's okay to be hurting and not know what to do. It's okay that you struggle with that.  It's okay that you feel too broken …but don’t stop there.  You are broken, WE ALL ARE, we don’t have to stay there.  The beautiful thing is, we are all in it together.


There is always hope, take a breathe. Be grateful. Don't lose hope. 


Life is an adventure to be embraced, whatever that ‘adventure’ looks like to you!


Check out a few of some recent posts... What are your favorite birthday traditions?  

"Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way" ~ Edward de Bono . ☀️ This last week we turned off our phones, packed up our note pads and headed into the Colorado mountains to storyboard and outline phase two of production. We are so excited and pleased with the work we got done. The inspiration and creativity that came when we turned off the distractions and noise of daily life and listened to the quiet. . . . . . #myresoluteroad #edwarddebono #marriage #documentary #filmmaker #femalefilmmakers #colorado #coloradomountains #lakewheeler #womeninfilm #womenwhohike #outdoorwoman #womenwhoexplore #adventure #backpacking #hiking #creativity #exploretocreate #radgirlslife #getoutside #putdownthephone #filmmakers #adventurethatislife

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