Hope Women's Center


Hope Women’s Center serves women facing any difficult life situation. Whether they are faced with poverty, domestic or sexual abuse, unplanned pregnancy, unemployment, single parenting, prostitution, drug/alcohol abuse, or family conflict, our trained mentors and teachers are available to help provide assistance, encouragement, support, and the necessary tools to make positive changes for their future. 

Hope Women's Center will be hosting Night of Hope on October 25, 2014...Get your tickets to attend a fun evening to support a good cause  and have the opportunity to bid on great items during the live auction!

Hope Women's Center Night of Hope Trailer from Sadie on Vimeo.

blog_HWC 2014_Sadie Such Photography-0563

blog_HWC 2014_Sadie Such Photography-0993

blog_Hope Womens Center 2014_Sadie Such Photography-9885

See more of their Videos and Photos here:

Hope Women's Center from Sadie on Vimeo.

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