Marisa + Eric.

You may have seen their Wedding Film Trailer  and now here is their Wedding Day Film!

Marisa + Eric's Pennsylvania Wedding Film from Sadie on Vimeo.


I met Marisa in 2010 in Kona, HI, where we did a PhotogenX DTS (for 6 months) and bonded over many things, including blonde curly hair and a love for Jesus and photography.  During that time, Eric was back in Pennsylvania (they had been for over 2 years at that time)...the long distance was just beginning.

They were going to be apart for 6 months...Marisa knew Eric was not going to be able to visit...HOWEVER...Eric connected with me and we set up an amazing surprise for her!

Marisa and I were driving to the airport to pick 'something' we drove, I suggested we try doing something fun and pick up a hitch hiker! (its common in HI and we had a truck...) and she was all in and we planned to pick up the next person we saw. So I gave her my camera to film ... and as she stuck her head out of the window to ask if he needed a ride - she realized who it was and screamed and jumped out of the car! and it was great... Here is the video if you want to watch 🙂

After returning home for a couple months, she headed off for another amazing journey for 20 MONTHS, and literally, traveled around the world.  Traveling, photographing, taking classes, meeting amazing people, hearing difficult stories and seeing many hard and beautiful things...then with her team, created the book Broken: A Call To Restore The House of Humanity.

All that time away, Eric continued to pursue her, skype dates, visits to places around the world, and after 5  1/2 years together...they were married in Pennsylvania this past year!

It was a wonderful ceremony, that I am pretty sure left everyone teary eyed, because their love is just so beautiful.

 That is a little glimpse of their story...

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Thanks to Scott Savage for fish eye lens dance footage!

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