On June 9th, I hopped on a plane with 19 others and headed off towards Zambia, Africa.

  Over the next 14 days, we camped out in the bush of Zambia - meeting amazing people, seeing lives changed, not only of the people we met, but having our own lives transformed.

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We road in a military truck to the villages, cutting down trees that were blocking the road.   We worked with a ministry called Overland Missions

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We met great people, and shared the gospel with some who had never heard of who Jesus Christ was.   We saw people healed, set free and filled with joy and hope!

Many came to our campsite for bible studies, full of questions.  It was great to build relationships with the people in these areas!  A group from Overland Missions, based in Zambia, will continue to go back and have bible studies in the villages.

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Our campsite at one of the two villages.

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Each night, we would have a large bonfire with dancing and singing.

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More photos and videos to come!

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