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Meet Micah Lee!

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You may have seen them on the blog before, but this is my sister and her family.

(My sister and I)

me and hannah  

It is amazing to look back at the events, over 8 years ago...

...out in the AZ desert with my family, driving our ATVs on the dirt roads the day after Christmas.    I was on my own ATV following my sister.

I came around a corner, expecting to see the wall of dust I was going to need to close my mouth and ride through.

But to my surprise, I saw clean air. No dust.  Instead, I saw my sister laying on the ground far away from her ATV.   At first, I thought she was pulling a prank, but as I got closer I saw rocks and blood on her face.  She had been flung 20-30 yards off of her ATV, breaking her neck - millimeters away from being paralyzed or worse.   Miles back in on dirt roads with no cell reception --  she was eventually air evacuated to the hospital.





 For those who have not met my sister...she is strong, tough, determined and humble...She was out playing volleyball again with us a month later...

Read more of her story here!                Second Article


"...Such's recovery time can only be described as a miracle..."


Since then, she has become a nurse, been married for over 5 years to her best friend and has two beautiful boys!

To name a few...

It is amazing to see the beauty that has come from her life.  

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Big brother Wyatt meeting him for the first time!

blog_Newborn_Tyler_Sadie Such Photography-47

blog_Micah 2

Me and Micah

blog_Life March 2013-1

Here Micah is on Day 5 - you can see Wyatt likes to tickle Micah.

blog_Micah_5 Days_Sadie Such Photography-17

blog_M and W blog_Micah_5 Days_Sadie Such Photography-5

blog_Micah_5 Days_Sadie Such Photography-3

blog_Micah_5 Days_Sadie Such Photography-12b

blog_Wyatt and Micah

Time flies and it has been so fun seeing my nephews grow up! Here are more recent ones of the boys.

Blog_Micah_One Month_Sadie Such Photography-16

Micah at 1 month.blog_Micah_One Month_Sadie Such Photography-26

blog_Riley and Wyatt

blog_Micah_5 Days_Sadie Such Photography-12c


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  1. That is beautiful Sadie! You always have to make me cry! You are all so blessed with beautiful family! Love you all!

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