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If you have not heard about Paper Clouds Apparel, you should definitely check out their website or Facebook Page.

It has been great to photograph their clothing lines, seeing the creativity in the artwork and the mission behind Paper Clouds Apparel.

They showcase the creative minds and artistic abilities of individuals with special needs while raising funds to provide financial support for special needs schools and organizations.

Taking artwork from individuals with special needs -- putting it on comfortable, quality t-shirts -- raising money to support the special needs organizations.


Every 2 weeks there is a new organization to support!

The photo above is from their current line for Autism Speaks -- you have 3 days left to purchase a t-shirt and support this organization!


Below are photographs from previous lines this year...

blog_Final_Paper Clouds Jan #2_Sadie Such Photography17

blogFinal_Paper Clouds Jan #2_Sadie Such Photography18

blog_PCA_Feb #1_Sadie Such Photography26

blog_Paper Clouds Apparel_Jan 2013-31

blog_PCA_Feb #1_Sadie Such Photography28

blog_Paper Clouds Apparel_Jan 2013-41

blog_Paper Clouds Apparel_Jan 2013-15

blog_Paper Clouds Apparel_Jan 2013-5

blog_Autism Speaks Color_Sadie Such Photography23

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