Meet Julie and Matt!

They are sister and brother and so much fun.

They had me smiling the whole time as they joked and made each other laugh through out the photo shoot.

I love seeing siblings who are good friends!

blogHigby's 2012_006

blogHigby's 2012_001

blogHigby's 2012_005

blogHigby's 2012_036 blogHigby's 2012_018a blogHigby's 2012_014 blogHigby's 2012_020 blogHigby's 2012_025 blogHigby's 2012_031 blogHigby's 2012_096 blogHigby's 2012_033 blogHigby's 2012_065 blogHigby's 2012_089 blogHigby's 2012_110 blogHigby's 2012_138

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  1. Sadie, we met when you were taking pictures at an event at the Ritz Charles. I was playing in the band and you were kind enough to take few picts of me playing sax. Really like your work. What a cute brother and sister. Just wondering if you had a train schedule? 🙂 Not as involved as your are taking pictures, but having fun. Please take a look at my new website and let me know what you think. Please let me know if you ever need as second photographer for any of your projects.

    Best regards,
    Paul Gitelson

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